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October 7, 2012
by Chris Arsenault
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Can you be a Christian and be pro-choice?

It is impossible for someone to be pro-abortion-choice and an observant follower of Christ. Now I’m not claiming it doesn’t happen, or the one making that claim is lost, unsaved etc. I’m claiming that being an observant follower of Christ is mutually exclusive from demanding bodily autonomy for one’s self or others. Abortion places the desires of the flesh over the love of God. 1 Cor 6:19-20 makes it abundantly clear that our bodies are not ours! Continue reading

January 22, 2011
by Chris Arsenault
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Prochoice – words you choose

Selection of words is powerful – it can change minds, particularly your own. But that’s not always a good thing – particularly for the post-abortive. The lesson I walked away with last night was my need to choose my words carefully – treating each prochoice advocate as post-abortive. Responding maliciously would have driven them further from the path of reality, and further into dark despair. Continue reading

March 2, 2010
by Chris Arsenault
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Does might make rights?

Recently I drove past the local Planned Parenthood. On one side of the building was a vinyl banner that said something like: I believe reproductive choice is a human right. I’m curious – what exactly does Planned Parenthood mean by … Continue reading

August 21, 2009
by Chris Arsenault

Is Abortion Healthcare?

Here’s some questions to ask your US representatives: Does the proposed healthcare bill allow distinctions between wanted and unwanted human beings? Isn’t subjective actions against human beings based on various physical features discrimination? Clearly, it wouldn’t be reproductive health without … Continue reading