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Powerful delusions? – Yep, that describes it.

Is Obama the Anti-Christ?
All Saint’s Day Newsletter.
by Michael O’Brien

I’ll save the suspense – he doesn’t believe he is, but he does draw some startling observations – one which can be found in another fascinating article on NRO, (not a group that’s given to over-the-top material), that describes a work of fiction from 1907 in England, that’s uncannily accurate regarding this current election:

The One We Were Waiting For
By Rev. George W. Rutler

With a quick google search I found the book is in the public domain.

If you want you can read the book he describes in it’s entirety:

Lord of the World
– by Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson

I can’t imagine someone who may be called upon to be the President of the World, not devolving into a egotistical megamaniac, and sees himself as ‘god’.

Very plausible, but scary considering that when campaigning in Berlin, Germany (gee – that was the home of another mega-maniac) Obama was called the future President of the World by the narrator, right after his speech!

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