Burning off the dross

The “Thin Bright Line” moved

Numerous abortion-choicers are confused about the extent of almost the entire pro-life community’s mourning over the election results; to them it was simply an election. Across pro-life blogs there is a grave concern, but how do you summarize this?  The words most clearly expressing the event come from terminology used in Gonzales vs Carhart:

The thin bright line has moved outside the womb.

Can it ever be the same?

The law itself has not changed, but then again it has.

We are the law. If you want to describe a living breathing document – then the Constitution, as a set of principles, is found within us.

So what has happened in the US is that life – all life has now become suspect, because we have elected a chief executive who cannot tell the difference between right and wrong – indicating we ourselves do not know the difference.

It’s like entering a delusional state where the mind disconnects from reality, and the concern is on the “idea” and not the outworking of that “idea” in the real world.  

If Born Alive protections do not cover any child “born alive” then we have to include all those of us who’ve been born alive.

A simpler way – anyone and everyone is fair game for death.

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