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Seeing the other side

This morning I paid a very unlikely visit to DailyKos.

In the article I was reading the writer referred to being carted off to Guantonamo by government officials for making certain statements (huh?), and it made me reflect upon some of my own posts – in particular the last one: How long before another KristallNacht.

Without actually watching the video, one could see my post as an overreaction. But in light of that comment on DailyKos, it occurred to me that some liberals might feel persecuted too. Is such a feeling real or imagined? Is it merely a ploy or collective paranoia?

I think it’s far easier to paint one as a right wingnut or a looney leftist, than to engage in actual hard and serious debate, but my experiences over the last 4 years of on-line abortion discussion indicate few are courageous enough to concede valid points to the other side. There is no penalty for people to run away from the cross-exam, so there is no reason to critically examine the other side’s viewpoint.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the pro-life strategy because politically, and legally conditions require seriously educating others about the impact of abortion not only in America, but around the world.

Militarily, when one is fighting an opponent, the battle is won when one force can get inside the decision cycle of the other side.

So where does abortion “rights” lead in terms of future “progress”?
What would be an objective on that path?

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