Burning off the dross


Still wondering if you could spot me in a crowd?Hi, I’m Chris Arsenault.

I’m a born-again Christian who firmly believes that love for my neighbor is best expressed by a willingness to share, in both deed and word, what God has done in my life. At times this may appear respectfully confrontational, as most things are in this world. What else would you expect from a blog named “ThruFire”?


  • My Lord Jesus Christ
  • my wife and children
  • God’s Word
  • Christian apologetics
  • messianic prophecies
  • Jewish culture
  • pro-life cause
  • families enjoying life
  • kids
  • sunshine on crystal clear days
  • eradication of evil
  • adventure
  • courage
  • bravery
  • chastity
  • romance
  • writing
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