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Pro-Life Case Website – an idea

As a pro-life advocate, I’ve long been frustrated with not having a central “bank” with regard to arguments and evidence to “point” to. I’ve often re-written the same arguments to different people with little change, because the abortion-choice arguments come down to very few viewpoints, most of which have to deny the humanity of the unborn.

I’d really like to see something similar to what Michael Speilman did at in providing the pro-life case, except putting each argument on a single page where both sides are represented, along with relevant evidence photos or references. I’d also like to display the dry syllogistic argument in a form that would point out the error.

Francis Beckwith did a great job in his book “Defending Life” by providing an almost exhaustive treatment of each abortion argument. I kind of envision what he did as a hyperlinked argument that you could “drill” down into and supplemented by media support.

Then when you encounter abortion arguments you can identify it as one on an argument page and send the abortion-choice advocate there with a pre-made link.

Such a pro-life case site would would serve several purposes:

1. Provide a single comprehensive educational point of reference for pro-life advocates.
2. Provide best of class arguments for the pro-life position.
3. Be able to interlink a web of material. Think wiki, but more finely grained.
4. Provide explanations why abortion choice advocates hold a particular view.
5. Invite abortion choicers a place to try to shoot holes into the case for life.

The long term goal is to educate an enormous body of pro-life advocates who thoroughly, lovingly, gracefully and devastatingly wield their material, such that opposing the pro-life position would be considered foolish, selfish and shameful.

What do you think?

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