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Barack Obama – a dedicated flavor…

And now for something completely different:

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit points out what others are beginning to see – there is something most bizarre with the increasing adoration of The One® (pbuh), highlighted in this blog post:

Obamania Nightmare (Sure to Be One in a Series)
Brian Doherty | November 13, 2008, 7:35pm

To sum it up – the adoration is moving beyond reason.


Coming from a Pro-Obama magazine, is that cause for concern?

Leave it to court jesters that when things get too serious, they’ll be there with some levity:

CharlesWT | November 13, 2008, 9:50pm | #

“Does it make you feel any better that Obama doesn’t have a Ben & Jerry’s flavor? Well, not yet.”

Suggestions from various sources. You decide…

Anti-Christ Crunch • Barackadamia Nut • Baraky Road • Cherries For Change • Cherries Messiah • Chocful o’ Hopee • Chocolate Chip • Chocolate Promise • ChocoNilla Swirl • Cinnamon Rocky Road • Clinton’s Revenge (rocky road redux) • Commie Crunch • Economic Crunch • Gooey Limo Surprise • Half and Half • Half Baked Hussien • Ice Cream Dream (pretty swirls, flavoring, candy bursts) • Ice Kareem • Lefty Licorice • Lenin Meringue Pice Cream • Marx Bar Crunch • Mecca Mocha • Mocha Fluff • Mocha Fluff (air,chocolate,flavorings) • Moonbat Mocha • Nagin Choco-Prezel Crunch • Neopolitician • Nihili-Vanilli • Nut ‘n Substantial • Obamaberry • Obamana Split • Obamanana Split • Oreo Cookie • Peanut Butter Barackle • Pink Lenin Ice Kareem • Soros Surprise • StrawBarry • Trotsky Ice-Picnic • Vary Barry Surprise • Yes Pecan!

So – which one’s your favorite?

(Kudos to CharlesWT for the compiliation.)

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