Burning off the dross

It wasn’t Obama’s rhetorical skill…

Jill Stanek gave me the audio for Obama’s Senate floor argument against Born Alive Legislation.

Here’s the recording – the commentary is mine alone.

After it was posted I realized I should have indicated that in the video, although Jill did so in her article.

There were two other pieces of legislation spoken of in the full recording I received – SB 1661, and SB 1662 which had minimal discussion, and passed without a problem, so I edited them out.

Given time constraints, I removed the audio at the end of the 1663, which covers the actual voting, and then a request for verification and an additional request for a Roll Call, which reset the vote because State Senator Klemm was missing. It appears Klemm voted for passage of the Bill, then left the chamber – causing the total yeas to drop by one and thus nullifying passage.

What caused Klemm to leave or whether he was even present is currently an unknown.

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