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GM, President Obama & Fascism

Michael Ledeen wrote an interesting article “We are all Fascists Now” when Newsweek declared We Are All Socialists Now”

The next 2 parts of a great video series lay out what is happening right now!

Since President Obama demanded that GM’s CEO, Rick Wagoner resign how is it a free-market now?

Can political favor be purchased for market gains and means?

Is the President of the United States now the de-facto Chairman of the Board of GM?

Hand-waving and political gamesmanship won’t do, because it is part of the process.

Fascism – we’re already there.

BTW – Obama’s fascist popularity is not centered around nationalistic war, but cultural war. I’m certain similarities to other fascist leaders will easily be found if one is willing to look.

Author: Chris Arsenault

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