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A Born Alive Parable

I wrote this little story to illustrate the essentials of the Born Alive issue that surround Barack Obama.

Once upon a time there was a successful hit-man, who occasionally blundered during his killing. One day the hit-man was hired to terminate an innocent Bystander, because Bystander’s presence and long term relationship was not desired, and it was perfectly legal for hit men to kill innocent human beings like Bystander when they were hidden.

So the hit-man executed his killing technique, but in the process, Bystander did not die, but he was flushed out into the open. The Big Law of the Land said innocents in the open were to be protected.

The hit-man was now in a quandary: If the hit-man didn’t kill Bystander he’d be taken out by his client because he didn’t fulfill his Contract. On the other hand, now that Bystander was flushed into the open, the hit-man was to care for and tend to Bystander, so Bystander would be alive for a long, long time. What to do? Would the hit-man follow the law or save his own skin (and get paid and remain at the top of his game)?

Stay out of this

Those who saw the innocent Bystander dying wanted to call for help, but were fearful of the hit-man, who told them to shut up. Bystander, now an out-in-the-open innocent, was suffocated by the hit-man, a clear violation of the Big Law of the Land.

Jill the Nurse did not shut up, and she told others that hit-men weren’t abiding by the Big Law, because the hit-men’s killing technique included flushing innocents out into the open, where it was easier for them to kill their targets.

Soon defenders of the Big Law stepped up to say hit-men couldn’t finish their job, after they had flushed their targets into the open. A law was added to the Big Law of the Land saying you must aid innocents who were flushed, but the law didn’t stop the flushing of innocents into the open by the Hit-Men. The new law needed local Teeth.

Baracko, a champion for Hit-Men International, stepped up to defend the Hit-men when local Teeth legislation was presented. That legislation said Hit-men must call in other specialists who must work hard to keep the hit-man’s target alive.

Baracko, in his contorted, but oh-so mesmerizing manner, wove a magical spell of “Words” to defend the hit-men, claiming that their honor and integrity must not be impugned, because, after all, they were Professionals™. He claimed that when killing, if innocents (like Bystander) were flushed into the open, that the hit-men would do the Right Thing®, meaning they would follow the law, and instead of killing their targets would suddenly begin to keep them alive at all costs.

And so the local legislators, many being close and dear friends of the hit-men, bought Baracko’s spell (using power money provided by Hit-Men International.) So they ignored the Big Law of the Land because it had no local Teeth and hit-men continued to kill innocent bystanders by flushing them into the open, then dispatching them in new and novel ways, including throwing them in black garbage bags with bleach then placing the bags out into the hot midday sun.

Over the course of time, and as a reward for his loyalty, Hit-Men International helped put Baracko, a renowned scholar of the Big Law of the Land, into the office of the Big Cheese. Proving that the Big Law of the Land can be ignored when lots of Money and Power can be obtained.

The End

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