Burning off the dross

Trial by Fire

“What welled up in that dread moment?”

Fear. Burning like a core deep within, like a fire blazing.

“The deceiver wants you to think that is real. Yes, in an instant it consumes you, but you were calling out my name.”

Then I remembered your promises my Lord, to ask for anything in your name and it will be given.
And I knew the good and righteous life that this soul you’ve tied me to – should live.

His very life a gift from God.

You showed me a glimpse of the plans you had in store and

without touching,
without seeing,
without knowing, I let go.

It was yours Lord, totally and completely.

There was nothing for me to control.

There was no reason to fear at all.

For you are the Sovereign Lord
who truly reigns over us all.

In that instant, like a transition
from dark to light, the world changed.

Not the greater world.

Not those outside the experience,
but those of great faith inside.

Your Great Spirit Lord came rushing in,

It filled us Lord,
It filled our lungs,
It filled our hearts.

There was a peace, a tranquility.

The wind blew out the fire.

Then I heard cries of joy, the fear was gone.

Our lungs filled to sing your praises:
Blessed be the Lord God Almighty
By the grace and mercy of his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ

In whose name we prayed, – and it was answered.

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