Burning off the dross

Responding to Foolish Non-sense

Jay Watts over at the LTI Blog dives into a straw bale mountain by way of JivinJehoshaphat’s link to an article on DailyKos but ends up hitting a wall of irrationality – in particular, when Jay reaches the repetitious secular argument that we’re nothing but more-evolved primates.

That argument calls for a consistent, but thoroughly thought-provoking response:

When someone states that human life is no more precious than an animal species, then I say to that person “that their time is better spent arguing with that particular animal instead of me, for why do I matter any more to them than that animal, or for that matter a rock?” Follow that statement with direct action – leave. Eventually they’ll get the idea that the humans they despise might be more interesting, and valuable, than their beloved animal. Even if they don’t get the clue, your time is better spent elsewhere anyway.

If people insist on being non-sensical, simply show them they are, then leave them alone. It’s no use arguing with an insulting fool/mocker.

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