Burning off the dross

God got my attention!

Why this blog? – because I recently went through something that was a fiery trial all around, for myself as well as many loved ones.

My experience was not unique – what I saw and felt was a kind of tiny smoldering spiritual hunger. It was like the remains of conflagrations of lives, after the roaring flames had consumed the vital fuel, leaving small glowing embers, darkened and blackened shells of people who still yearn for life and love and recall what their lives were or could have been, and there was this tiny spark of hope for what it may be.

So I began this blog to share these kinds of experiences, to share what that time means to me, to us who have been through fiery faith trials.

Most of my conversation will be in essays, but I believe the better material will pop up in the comments. I’m inviting certain people to come in and read, because it records for them where I’m at and what I’m thinking. A lot of the conversation is going to be deep, heartfelt, and at times poignant and candid. I don’t really want arguments in the abstract, but real stories peppered with illustrations and moral punctuations.

As a Christian, it’s also about not using the cross as a cudgel to beat people, but as a bridge to lift people. Spilled blood is not a lighthearted topic but those who deny the cross still step in the blood, still love people who’ve shed it, still cry real tears, still look for love and affirmation from others and still want and need real Hope.

There’s also a place where either you’re hot or cold; either in the light or in the dark, so expect extremes, expect absolutes and reality where necessary and no held punches or love when required. We know real love when we feel it, even it’s across the wires and the miles.

Names will be held to protect the innocent and irreverantly assigned to shame the foolish.

No one really knows what inspires writers to drag out these emotions, and so willingly share them. It’s all very spiritual, individual, unique. Don’t forget to duck the boots that seek to stomp out such inspirations, the small whispering of winds and breath that tend the glowing embers.

But don’t get the wrong idea – this is not about consuming flames, the fires of hell or a mob ganging up to inflict wrath on someone who may be unashamedly, proudly wrong.

This is about the fire of the physical and the fire of the spiritual. This is about flammable human tinder, addictions, passions, lives and quenching life-giving living water.

I don’t know all the answers, but I know where to look for them. What about you?

Will you look with me?

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