Burning off the dross

Common Ground without Compromise

Back in the Fall of 2006, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Wagner, who came to speak at the CareNet Annual Banquet on the importance defending the sanctity of life.  Recently, Steve moved over to Justice for All as their Director of Education. 

Steve has written a book called Common Ground without Compromise:  25 questions to create Dialogue on Abortion

I’m in the process of reading it – if reading is the right word (reflecting is more like it).  I want to borrow a tactic from the book and wait until I’ve finished reading and provided the serious consideration that the book deserves prior to giving it an intended review. 

I will hint that the direction this book is guiding is to seriously rethink my approach to debating the whole issue of human rights when it comes to life and the medical procedure of abortion.

Should be interesting to share reactions.