Burning off the dross

Focusing on the enduring when planning change

After a lot of reflection over the last week or so, I keep coming back to the central blog themes – endurance, legacy and looking towards a hope that never disappears. Hope that is more than an illusion, or an expedient campaign slogan.

Speaking about disappearing, it’s rather hard not to consider all the various indicators in the Bible, and what could be their fulfillment, given what’s happening with Israel, and how the end-times are supposed to play out.

I’m also quite aware that whatever plans I make, unless they are of God’s will, they won’t endure.  That may seem obvious, but I was strongly reminded, plans can’t be rigid or they break – as if 1 Corinthians 3:12-15 doesn’t make that clear enough!

This blog has been incredibly political over the last election cycle, and my effort to categorize and tag my posts revealed that direction in the tag cloud.  I’d rather express greater contrast between the deeply hidden despair of humanity vs real freedom in Christ, making it profoundly visible. 

Distractions have a way of stealing the time away, and perhaps that’s a new step off point for reflection – discerning between a distraction and genuine concern via God’s Word.

If I seek and gain God’s wisdom instead of man’s, I know I’ll have one more thing that will endure forever.

Author: Chris Arsenault

Jesus geek, husband, father. Painter, sculptor, model-maker, author, teacher, designer, artist - these are what former friends used to describe me before I became addicted to the Internet and blogging.

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