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Optimizing Coverage of March for Life

Okay – I promised network specifics.

What do we need to do differently?

First visit Blogs4Life.

This interesting conference has a dual purpose – speakers covering the pro-life blogging topics in the morning – then covering the Annual March for Life in the afternoon.

That’s not instantly apparent. (I understand the site is still being developed.)

You’ll also find a long list of pro-life bloggers, yet how many are currently active, what’s their posting frequency? How many unique visitors do they have? To what extent do they cover certain aspects of the issues? Do we know who is covering what?

(Standardized life icons/badges indicating 7-8 categories would help) Visit a pro-life site, look for the badge-bar and you know what’s usually discussed, and by how much.

Any efficient graphic designer available for a worthy cause?

Which bloggers are best in conveying which aspect of the pro-life message?

For instance – I go to Dawn Eden for chastity issues, Jill Stanek for news coverage opinion, Secondhand Smoke for broad perspective,

How about tech savvy – do some understand scripting and code better than others? How many tool makers visit pro-life blogs, but don’t volunteer in this area?

Back to the long list of blogs: do they link to each other? If each blog is a node, what’s the relationship between the nodes? Are there a cluster of blogs that focus on one particular aspect of the message, as I just mentioned?

What’s the total number of active participants – both bloggers and subscribers out there?

Knowing the answer to that and drawing them together into a network would provide advertisers (and content creators) a potential market with a serious commitment to put their money where their heart is – into the pro-life cause.

Backgrounder – see this discussion about Creating the ThruFire Network.

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