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Pro-Life Categories – a framework

I’m trying to determine the lowest number of categories one could reasonably identify most pro-life efforts/groups. The determining factor is by function – the primary function performed by the group.

Here’s the list of categories:

  1. Actions: events/activities. March for Life, 40 Days for Life, Right to Life, Priests for Life.
  2. Journalism: investigative journalism/reporting. LiveAction.
  3. Newsfeeds/distribution: News monitoring, consolidation. LifeSite, LifeNews.
  4. Education/Training: Bio-ethics, lifestyle, media. STR, LTI, FamilyLife, FoF, churches.
  5. Direct Support: outreach/healing support ministries. HBI, CareNet, Rachel’s Vineyard, StandupGirl.
  6. Testimony: public human interest/evidence impact. Operation OutCry, Silent No More.
  7. Arts: expressive/artistic media efforts. Bella, Volition, etc.

Some organizations overlap and provide multiple services. Some are difficult to identify as clearly belonging in one group or the other.

Are there any categories that are missing?  Are there any groups that would break this categorization?  Thoughts, comments?  (Thanks!)