Burning off the dross

Culture war

The culture war is a war against ignorance and insanity. Some gratefully label themselves ignorant while others repeatedly prove they are within their own moral universe through delusional denial and semantic sophistry, such as exhibited by Colmes and Obama. No matter how irrefutable the evidence of crimes against human beings, both pre-born and born, personal denial is always sought.

They escape into the darkness of their own souls, cowering from the truth.

The only correct response is to have compassion and mercy upon the living victims and even upon the criminals.

In a world where loving-kindness is rare, Christ had it right – love your enemies until the day they are judged by Him. May the Lord have mercy upon them in his wrath.

No matter how blind others are to the truth, we can never be blind to the injustices inflicted upon the innocent, nor stop our efforts to defend and protect them. So it rages on.

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