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July 3, 2009
by Chris Arsenault
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Congressman Langevin’s “Fertilized Eggs”

He suggested that excess embryos from IVF (in-vitro fertilization) procedures were only going to be discarded as medical waste. His take is, unless the “fertilized egg is implanted” it’s not going to be a child. To use these fertilized eggs for research that might prove beneficial to others is to be greatly “pro-life”, and he cited Sen. Orrin Hatch as a role model who held similar views. Continue reading

March 8, 2008
by Chris Arsenault
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Controlled Burn:Relatively speaking

When it comes to certain objective behavior, it’s nearly impossible to read a comment thread on the Web without running into this kind of exchange: moralist: I believe (objBehavior) is wrong because I’ve been harmed by (objBehavior). amoralist: I’ll defend … Continue reading