Burning off the dross


Long time, no post.

Of course I’ve been off the radar by removing all Google tracking stuff. Unless you know and check my site, it won’t show within top hits in search engines. That’s okay considering how confrontational google and other corporate media have been. Blogging production seems to work best when there are multiple authors producing content regularly. It’s a lot of serious work.

This blog has been around since 2006, but I haven’t consistently posted. A great deal of the work is simply technical upkeep. Traffic to your site is like providing a meal to the masses at your expense. No problem for the Lord, but you have to wonder, how was the boy who offered the loaves and fishes blessed?

Trends – people moved away from blogs in favor of Facebook and other centralized social sites only to find that their monetary model was all about siphoning data from users and selling it. I’d rather see personal spaces like blogs become more prevalent where monetization accrues to the content provider, and being bumped is not even possible. (They still have a path for cutting you off at the carrier level, but if we reach that level of insanity, then all bets are off!)

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