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Okay – so I succumbed and joined twitter last evening – it’s easy to see N-connections across the web, and for twitter following it’s completely unclear why they’re connected, other than someone traversing a pool (node) of followers and deciding to follow someone at random.

It’s way early – (3:00 AM) and I woke up wondering how you connect 6 billion people on all levels.

It must’ve been something I drank – take a look.

BTW – I got there, by way of Michael Hyatt to Sara Horn and then her web developer – PulsePoint Design – Kelli Standish.

How did I know Michael Hyatt? He’s the head of Thomas Nelson publishers who published Dawn Eden’s book – Thrill of the Chaste.  I had been following Michael’s blog sporadically and remembered he had mentioned something about twitter.

Where I started I had no idea I would end up coming across stuff like this!

Geek icon spotting – came across Joi Ito and Susan Kare.

I’ve got to get some sleep.

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