Burning off the dross

Want to know how you’re doing – ask the other side*

Or watch what they say on twitter!

Some sample comments from Twitter’s Search stream:


djhuggsenormous pro-life rally on the capitol really bumming me out

LisFaceOh great the pro life march is making it impossible for me to get home.


extrapicklesJust left longworth (house office building) only to run into a HUGEpro-life protest at supreme court.. Its like 70% white kids under 25
johnnynvais navigating through the mass of Pro Life people in DC…not the best day for siteseeing


Z_EversonUnion Station DC teeming with pro-life high school students; based on their signs, some would be better off back in biology class

RaptorHScary – the park across from my office now swarming with pro-lifemarchers getting on their buses to go home.

TimothyjemalWatching a massive pro-life demonstration on Capitol Hill.

It also looks like there needs to be a lot more education, particularly when it comes to FOCA:

nicolebakerI actually support FOCA – easier access to birth control would result in fewer abortions. That should appease both pro-life and pro-choice

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