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Don’t feed the Planned Parenthood Promotion Troll

Jill Stanek covered a new Mother’s Day fundraising campaign by Planned Parenthood, but now she indicates there’s been some pressure being applied to Judy Blume in this article:

Backlash against children’s book author’s support of Planned Parenthood

Frankly, I think this is a completely planned controversial promotion on their part.

I’ll share what I wrote in an email to some friends upon seeing the initial Planned Parenthood promo letter and then reflecting upon it:

Like the Miss USA pageant, which lacked ratings and national exposure, but sure found a lot of free press with a controversy, I’m getting the feeling both Judy Blume and PPA needed a quick pick-me up in the publicity dept. and felt controversy would deliver it.

Upon reflection it seems that way.

“Forever” appears to be a publicity piece written as a story to be sold to promote “family planning clinics” and the pill right after the Roe opinion came out. My guess is, if the pro-life community makes a big deal over PPA’s fundraiser, we’ll be inadvertently promoting Blume’s trash to a new audience who will want to know why the books are so bad. Clever marketing tactic. (or do I overrate the pro-life influence?)

I’ve been noticing this parasitic pattern ever since I heard a Canadian band called Mes Aieux sing a song called “Degeneration” It was a big hit in Canada, and a lot of pro-life people purchased the song and album. The band waited and waited until the song played out and started going down in the charts until they corrected the pro-life advocacy of the song. Turns out the band was distinctly pro-abortion. They got the money, and despite the crystal clear implications of the lyrics, denied it had a pro-life message. They gained at the expense of the generous Canadian pro-lifers.

The key point – the devil will lie to gain the power of this world – money. I’d like to learn how to spot parasitic promos and avoid giving them any traction whatsoever.

We need to be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

It now appears Cecile Richards is simply stirring the cauldron and hoping to inflame enough people to generate tons of donations.

What would be the best way to combat this?