Burning off the dross

What I’ve been up to

It’s been a while since I’ve actually wrote a blog post (as a blog post). I’d call it writer’s bloq, except that’s not really true – I’ve been writing and commenting over at Jill Stanek’s blog with some old friends.

Of course, I’ve also been following the impact technology has had on both getting the message out and suppressing it, as we recently saw in Iran. Apparently, the regime in Iraq waited until they identified the organizers using deep packet inspection, then sent goons in the middle of the night to take them away.

I started a post on the wayward South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, but the more I learned of what was going on, the more I realized there’s a little more info that’s needed for perspective.

I’ve been digging into technical stuff, exploring a collection of Internet apps, and helping Jill Stanek change over to a new design.

And with this particular post – I’m checking to see how scheduled posts work in WordPress. The Moveable Type update at Jill’s broke that feature, and while an easy fix, it poured a pile of error messages into the email server, which then kept serving them up. Ah, technology.

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