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Obama is right – BAIPA strikes at choice!

Jill Stanek addresses Obama’s Born Alive facts.

I think Obama is right – as far as his conclusions are concerned. The Born Alive Infant Protection Act does strike at a woman’s choice because it removes an available abortion technique.

During the Partial Birth Abortion Ban SCOTUS hearings Planned Parenthood’s own attorney argued that later term D&E techniques pose a substantial risk to women, and that delivery of the fetus would mitigate that risk.

What Obama was defending was using birth as an abortion technique. That really was his focus – without a thought about the cruelty inflicted both on the mother, the premature person being born or the role of birth in our society.

He, as well as other pro-choice advocates can play semantic games all they want. They still can’t get away from the fact:

Using birth as a means of abortion is abhorrent.

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