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Obama mocks a possible future constituent…who’s next? You?

If there was ever a case of a presidential candidate mocking someone who is the reason he’s in office in the first place, this is it.

Clearly Obama isn’t running for the Presidency of the United States.

He mocks and slanders US citizens. (As you can see against Joe Wurzelbacher)
He approves of killing US citizens. (Votes and lies against IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act)
Sending officials to attack US citizens.
He steals from the US.
He undermines his own government (Via Acorn and Iraq Status of Forces Agreement)

People are hoping for change – if Obama is elected, that’s just what they’ll get.

I can’t believe the irony: we overthrew Iraq to free their people from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein only to place ourselves under the tyranny of Barack Hussein Obama and his media minions.

Update: Iowahawk has commentary and action here.

He summarizes how I, and many others, feel:

Author: Chris Arsenault

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