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Election Reform #3:Passport-style based Voter Registration

3 Reasons

1. Voter registration is out of control.
ACORN anyone? Here’s an alternative:

Voter registration using a state-based photo-id passport-style registered document with an embossed seal for each election.

Once registered with a verified residence as a citizen in any state, registration may only be transfer to another state, with no new registrations allowed, only transfers. Re-registering in any state, while registered in another is against federal law. Moving interstate requires you turn in your prior ID to your origin state prior to obtaining a new ID in your new state.

All votes must be traced to an election official who is liable for the validity of the vote.

When a vote is to be cast, each ballot is embossed sealed, as well as the voter’s ID document for the citizen who has voted. The district clerk will initial inside the seals, tying the ballot and the voter to the district official.

Fraudulent votes found in a district invalidates that entire district for the next election.

Absentee ballots require 2 seals – a designated remote official’s seal, ie military payroll officers etc. and a receipt seal from the election office who embosses the seal on the ballot and then initials at the designated place.
The remote official is to use their seal on the voter’s ID document.

A single optical paper ballot style is required nationwide.

2. Campaign finance is a nightmare.

Requires a financial participation of constituencies, and stop fraudulent financing.

Only registered voters may donate to valid campaigns and all funds are identified with the voter ID.
There is a donation limit on each voter registration ID.
When an ID limit is reached no more funds will be accepted.
That total is to be divided only among campaigns at any level.
City, state and national parties are treated as single generic campaigns for each party.

Your total electoral contributions may only be divided among those various campaigns, and the national campaign contribution portions cannot exceed more than 25% of the dedicated state portions.

3. Money = power & influence, and negates the idea of equality at the polls, because it weights the influence to ‘purchase’ more votes.

National official campaigns (President & VP) must reflect the state’s interest in the campaign, similar to the electoral count.
Individuals donate through state parties for national official campaigns.

National official campaign spending in any one state cannot exceed the amount of money donated from that state, and dedicated towards that purpose.

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