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Could the Yellowstone supervolcano blow up?

Over the past few days I’ve read several articles on activity in Yellowstone – what’s called a “swarm” of earthquakes.  There has been considerable interest from both professionals and web-based amateurs – (I respect  high quality, dedicated amateurs).  The interest is growing.

If the volcano did blow, it would catastrophically alter the entire world.  I didn’t immediately understand what that meant:

Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquakes: Update

by James Pethokoukis

A visit to Google Maps focused on Yellowstone and a zoom in (and then out) to understand the caldera gave me a wide-eye opening perspective on the enormity of the potential being discussed, in a way static imagery could not convey.  Using the measurement tool, I drew a 100 mile radius from the top of the lake, and it hinted that certain geological formations may have been from prior eruptions.  The scale is mind-boggling, and Google’s satellite map view now conveys a degree of reality that intensifies the meaning. 

One could quote Scripture,  describe God’s judgment, declare apocalyptic visions etc, but the reality is, any serious eruption would wipe out the agricultural productivity of the American breadbasket.  Huge herds of cattle and farm animals would be wiped out, and air travel would be radically altered for years. Atmospheric conditions would change considerably.  Death, starvation and all such outcomes came into sharp focus.  The political repercussions of how the end times scenarios would take place seem more possible now.

Often we read words, not comprehending the physical reality they represent, unless we can imagine/picture the result and what that would mean.   Christ’s death on the cross is easy to trivialize unless you imagine what it’s like to lie there with hammer blows driving nails through your wrists. 

Matthew 24 took on a whole new meaning this morning.

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