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Some people find this hilarious – others find it offensive.

First off – the commercial is not a brief offhand joke or cute play upon the idea – it’s a mini-movie, an advertising campaign with a specific objective: selling JC Penney product.

This is business, with cash and reputation behind it – not funny to JC Penney if their sales plummeted.

It trades excessively on the stereotypical viewpoint most men are clueless in expressing romantic gestures: men should just know and understand what their woman desires – what gift, should they decide to give one, will avoid banishment to the doghouse.

(In my experience – most women don’t even know what they want until after they receive the gift. So aren’t women equally senseless about expressing romantic gestures towards men? No way – men are simple – sex or sports.)

The commercial and site depicts women as materialistic, overbearing, domineering, demanding respect, love and affection, and to keep peace and gain “freedom” men need to use trivial trinkets: shiny stones and cold metal. LOL

In the commercial, he’s giving her an anniversary gift but notice – our society has moved the focus from the couple and marriage to all events being exclusively about her. This is about her and her control, as much as weddings and births are female focused and under her control. What about the marriage? Both the marriage and men are an afterthought. Pick up a Cosmo magazine lately? What about the Sex & The City franchise? – one of it’s creators, a gay man, said it’s about objectifying men as non-thinking, non-emoting sex objects. Women have a continual conversation about men, without actually conversing deeply and seriously with men. Little wonder we have a hookup culture.

Notice – this scorned anniversary wife is not alone in her distress – it places other women as a tribunal that judges men. You remember the scene – right?

So flip the genders – particularly with that scene. What’s the picture?

Three men on one side, and a single woman on the other, and the specific focus is on her incompetent performance.

Suffice it to say, it’s not nice.

While some think the commercial is creative, it depicts something closer to reality when men put women in the “doghouse”: prison.

(They put themselves into prison – just as it shows.)

Some see humor, but I see the effects from decades of disrespect of men.

When a man puts a woman in the doghouse, he avoids her – he passive-aggressively shuts her out. Men look at other women, view porn on the Internet, get adulterous, spend inordinate amounts of time watching sports, doing just about anything but actually sitting down and talking with the one they “love”. Women discuss their doghouse man with their friends, then go on to imagine other men are more clueful, and given enough time or opportunity become adulterous too. The entire soap show industry is built on that premise.

Men remain silent until anger and annoyance builds and boils. Most women don’t realize that the one thing men need most – respect, has been under constant attack for almost 40 years.

With Roe – men have been legally castrated during the first nine months of their children’s lives, with no decision making power, or role, other than sperm donation. What a huge disrespect to all men.

When a woman picks on a man, he’s in a no-win situation. Society has condoned this attack and this commercial is one more proof. In researching a book I was writing I came across this. It cuts a lot deeper than most women realize – so much so, most men refuse to even discuss it. It comes out in subtle boiling anger points, and violent lash outs. There’s an undercurrent of male anger out there far greater than many women realize.

Wrapping a commercial up in prison garb when it’s supposed to be about expressing devotion to someone we love isn’t funny – at all. Not funny for the women that suffer at the hands of men who are insecure, or for the men who believe they’ll find respect when they wield enough force to demand it, then end up in prison themselves.

In short – for men, this commercial says marriage is a prison.

Lastly, exploiting the negative aspects of relationships for commercial gains is pure poison.

Remember markets want to grow.

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