Burning off the dross

Time to Vote

I have numerous reasons to believe John McCain and Sarah Palin may win this election, despite the extremities (or because of them) presented by the media, and their polls.

I’ve read close to 1000 presidential polls will have been conducted in the final stretch after the conventions. That’s insane.

I completely discount the polls because of such extremities. there seems to be too many new unknowns, such as the widespread use of YouTube, for the polling companies to be that accurate, and if people are considering prior polls while giving new polls, then that’s like the clockmaker who set his clocks by the bell at the nearby factory and the factory foreman who rings the bell setting his watch by the clock in the window of the clockmaker.

There’s only one poll, one clock, which really matters – the official vote, which is vastly different than all the others, because that clock is the heart of the American people.

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